Norwood House Activities

Residents can enjoy a wide range of activities which include things from manicures to film days, to arts and crafts and games like bingo and bowling. We offer two lounges with flat-screen televisions, DVD players and music systems for our residents to watch films or listen to music as well a third lounge where residents can sit and read from our small library of books and magazines.

A conservatory is also available for residents to relax in and soak up some fine British weather; that is whenever there is some.  Likewise, our residents enjoy sitting in the newly built patio on-looking the beautiful garden enclosed in the grounds which provides a safe ambience for the residents.  We also pride ourselves on our fast Wi-Fi connection allowing residents to surf the web, chat to relatives on Skype or listen to their favourite classics on YouTube on our user-friendly, touch screen laptops.

In addition, we welcome guest speakers every month to come in and deliver talks on a particular interest in the home’s “Coffee Morning”. This helps to integrate the local community with the residents and presents them with a chance to learn something new. We have various events during the year such as BBQ in summer, weather permitting; Sing along afternoons; fortnightly visit by local Church members;  Annual summer fair; Christmas and Easter fairs which provides a lot of entertainment and joyous fun; there is always something to look forward to and do!

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