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Norwood House Nursing Home is situated in a quiet corner of the Yorkshire countryside away from any traffic and the hectic drone of city life allowing the residents to retire to this blissful area which has spectacular scenic views overlooking the Aire Valley, whilst still being placed comfortably near the heart of the Keighley community.

Since being established as a home over 28 years ago, Norwood House has grown to be a respected, cosy, home-like nursing home that offers exceptional care of the highest quality, fantastic accommodation and friendly staff who go out of their way to “understand care, and practise compassion”.

Here at Norwood House, we specialise ourselves in Dementia care with all our staff appropriately trained to show compassion, care, competence, courage and most importantly communication. We pride ourselves on making individuals feel comfortable and treated with the dignity and privacy they so deserve. Our staff are always easily approachable and are at hand to help ensure families and friends are put at ease in what is a difficult time for them. We aim to give excellent, individual, holistic care by providing care plans to meet the person’s needs. These plans are used in order to maintain the identity of the person. According to carehome.co.uk, we are consistently ranked amongst the top 20 care homes across Yorkshire and Humber. Through feedback and reviews, we are also ranked amongst the top care homes on the same website for client care across the Bradford area.

The home proudly boasts of being the first nursing home to pilot ‘Telemedicine’ in collaboration with Airedale General Hospital (AGH) which added a new dimension of care for our residents; this enables our medical staff to be in instant touch with health professionals at AGH to receive medical attention or advice as necessary.

Norwood House is always looking and committed to improving standards of care and this is shown through our participation with the University of Leeds in their research study ‘Pilot Trial for Stop Delirium! with the elderly (PiTStop)’ which aims to improve care for the residents of care homes through the prevention of delirium. Through our participation and understanding, we were awarded a certificate of ‘Commitment to Quality’ by the University.
Please click here to see what the University of Leeds had to say about us during their project.

Despite our modest size as a nursing home, Norwood House still offers quintessential care where all residents without a doubt are considered to be members of the family.